Primary Prevention

Primary Prevention is a subcommittee of PEP comprised of various agencies, organizations and individuals working together to reduce substance use in Cabell County.


Increase community collaboration and reduce substance use in Cabell County, by building the community’s universal prevention capacity.  

Cabell County Schools –

Prevention Group Activities

Red Ribbon Week – In October PEP coordinates with each SADD Chapter to host week-long events around the awareness of drug prevention in middle schools and high schools. 

Cross-Age Teaching –High school and Middle school SADD youth leaders go to an elementary school and facilitate an entire learning experience by teaching an evidence-based curriculum session such as Keep A Clear Mind. SADD youth members will also facilitate a learning experience with a class within their own school.

5th Grade Presentation – PEP, along with Marshall University Pharmacy students work with our middle school youth leaders to educate 5th-grade students on Over Counter (OTC)/Prescription drug safety.

Peer-to-Peer Health Class Presentations – SADD youth leaders collaborate with their school health teachers coordinating a whole day of education on substance use and misuse and the issues that surround it. 

Check with PEP or your Cabell County Middle or High School to see what Prevention Groups are active to participate in these activities.  

Cabell County Community Projects

Synar Tobacco compliance check – July – Every year we partner with a youth leader and the WV state police to conduct a tobacco sale compliance check.

RX and needle drop boxes – Provided drop boxes for Rx drugs to the Huntington and Milton Police department and a drop box for the Cabell Huntington Health Department to collect used needles.

RX takeback day – October and April – Two drug take back days in partnership with the DEA are conducted in October and April to collect old and/or expired medications. 

Underage Drinking Compliance Checks – PEP Annually Partners with Highway Safety and Law Enforcement to do underage drinking compliance checks.

Cabell County School Prevention Awareness

School Open House – Youth Leaders participate in school open house to provide parents and youth the opportunity to learn about youth lead prevention efforts.

PEP hosts a fall, annual event where 200+ youth leaders from 7 different schools are brought together to engage in training and seminars based around substance prevention. Join your school prevention group to learn how to get involved with the summit.

Vape Take-Back – pending approval – A community or school event based on the same concept of Drug Take-back where youth and community members turn in Vape items and pledge to stop.  It includes education on the dangers, available services, and small incentives.

Youth Led initiatives

Youth Info

Youth Leadership Team – The PEP youth leadership team meets weekly to discuss youth led projects such as, contests, presentations, events, newsletters, conference, and more. These youth work to promote and recruit other youth to attend established school prevention groups, prevention events and work on prevention projects.

What’s Up Wednesday’s – Is a virtual group of youth who participate in prevention activities and discuss youth issues. Zoom meeting link for WUW.

PEP Newsletter – “The Voice of the Youth” is a tool used quarterly to communicate with PEP members and the community about prevention events, as well as to share the thoughts, concerns and issues of substance use the youth see and feel daily and highlight youth efforts in prevention.  It is a communication platform designed and written by the youth leadership team under the supervision of PEP staff.