Clues for each egg site will be posted here at 3 pm daily. New sites will be released daily between April 1st – 5th, 2024. Each location will have 25 eggs, with a total of 250 eggs between all sites!

Youth Ages 18 years and younger can register up to 2 eggs for the entire event, not per location. PEP eggs can be identified because they will have a large PEP sticker on them. Each egg will contain a slip of paper which will have a QR code and a unique egg code.  Scan the QR code to register your egg. Each registered egg will be entered in a raffle to win one of many donated prizes.

A Facebook Live event will be held on @PEPWV, on April 9th at 4 pm to announce winners. If your child wins, they must be present when claiming the prize.

Safety Rules

Be Safe: When hunting for the eggs, don’t put yourself in harm’s way!

No Trespassing: No egg will be hidden in a location that requires unlawful entry to any property.

Be Nice: Eggs will not be in a location that requires you to destroy landscape or property.

Be Respectful of others and your surroundings: Please take the egg and all contents with you.

Daily Clues

Event Dates Location Clues
Monday, 1st

Location 1: “Where children learn and knowledge blooms, Across from Salt Rock’s school rooms, Seek the place where books abound, In Salt Rock, eggs can be found.” 21 eggs not registered.  

Location 2: “Where history whispers in the breeze, In West Huntington, where time sees, Find the heart of Old Central City’s grace, In a circle of embrace, is the egg’s place.” 5 eggs not registered. 

Tuesday, 2nd Locations were postponed due to weather. 
Wednesday, 3rd

Location 3: “Where bats meet balls and dreams take flight, In Ona, where young players unite, Search where cheers echo and fields gleam, The diamond’s home is where you’ll redeem.” 20 eggs not registered. 

Location 4: “Where city streets hum with vibrant sound, In Huntington’s heart, adventure’s found. Seek where shops and eateries convene, At this lively square, where city life gleams.” 17 eggs not registered. 

Location 5: “In Fairfield’s heart, where neighbors meet, A hub for community, a place so sweet. Eastward bound, this center stands tall, near playground joys, find it all.”  21 eggs not registered. 

Thursday, 4th 

Location 6: “Where the written word finds its home, In Guyandotte, where minds freely roam. Amongst shelves lined with tales profound, Discover where knowledge is crowned.” 21 eggs not registered. 

Location 7: “Where hoops echo and dreams take flight, In West Huntington, under daylight, Find the court where players compete, By Celebration Church, where victories meet.” 13 eggs not registered. 

Location 8:  “Where stories bloom and minds take flight, In your quest for knowledge, seek the light. In Gallaher, where pages whisper true, Find the haven for readers like you.”  20 eggs not registered. 

Friday, 5th 

Location 9: “Where wheels spin and riders soar, In Barboursville, there’s a park to explore. Where concrete curves and ramps align, The skate scene thrives, an egg you’ll find.” 

 Location 10: “Where nature’s song meets urban sight, In Huntington, a gem shines bright. Seek Altizer where trees sway, Adventure awaits where families play.”