Marketing and Media

The Media and Marketing Committee is a workgroup tasked with advising and overseeing the marketing efforts of PEP and its subcommittees, while maintaining brand integrity and organizational consistency.


Oversee and advise staff on substance abuse prevention marketing plans and implementation.

Substance Misuse Terminology Videos

PEP’s youth leadership team has created short definition videos to help youth and our community to better understand some common substance misuse terminology.

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Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos

PEP has several original PSA videos some created by youth and some created professionally. Be sure to click on the YouTube link below to see these videos.

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Asking for Answers

Teens are often facing many different challenges in their life and our youth leadership team is here to help! The “Asking for Answers” column in the “Voice of the Youth” newsletter is meant to be a way for anyone to interact with our Youth Leadership Team by asking your own questions about substance use.  Click here to send an email to PEP’s Youth Leadership Team and receive a quick answer via email or in the next quarterly newsletter. 

Click here for Asking for Answers